Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

8-12 July: April supports Tamara, Zac is suspended, while Adam and Brax's showdown ends in a shooting

Monday 8 July


Brax is torn by Adam’s ultimatum – he has to choose who to release, Ricky or Tamara. Heath is adamant that Tamara should be freed as she’s innocent of all wrongdoing. Brax, Heath and Kyle try to devise a plan to rescue the girls, Adam calls and gives Brax a deadline of 24 hours to decide. Brax refuses to sacrifice either girl. 

Knowing they are being watched, Heath creates a diversion for Brax and Kyle to head out to find Adam. Adam rings Brax. Because Brax broke the rules, time is up and one of the girls will die. He has also informed the police of Kyle’s return. Brax and Kyle find Tamara unconscious but alive, leaving Brax to fear the worst for Ricky. 

Zac shows Bianca Holly’s graphic assignment, hoping that she’ll intervene. Bianca tells him to be careful, and she will talk to Holly. However, Holly approaches Zac in the diner wanting to further their “relationship”. Bianca confronts Holly about her assignment. Holly admits her feelings for Zac but believes they are reciprocated. Zac finds Holly alone and upset on a park bench. Whilst consoling her she tries to kiss him, and Zac quickly rebuffs her. Hurt and confused, Holly reports to Bianca that Zac has been initiating an inappropriate relationship with her, and has kissed her. 

Tamara’s mental state worsens in captivity. Ricky pleads for Adam to release Tamara but he refuses. Adam reminds her that Ricky also played a part in Tamara’s fate.

Tuesday 9 July

Brax and Kyle take a dehydrated and distressed Tamara to hospital. Brax tells Kyle to lay low and avoid the police. After a brief examination, Sid realises that Tamara has lost her memory – at least she has no memory of her time in Summer Bay or with the Braxton’s. April is confronted by the prospect of having to treat a friend, and Sid supports her. Kyle is still at the hospital and knowing his feelings towards Tamara, April warns him off getting too close to Tamara. She might confuse things in her current mental state, and he shouldn’t take advantage of that. Despite April’s warnings, Kyle tells Tamara about her recent life and agrees to stay by her bedside. The police arrive to arrest Kyle but he promises to return to Tamara, who has already formed an attachment to him. 

Bianca asks Zac for his version of events with Holly. Due to the process she still has to suspend him from teaching. Holly tells Maddy her story, but Maddy is not convinced it is the truth. Maddy confides in Roo, revealing her misgivings about her friend. With Roo’s support, Maddy gives Bianca her opinion on Holly’s accusation – it’s bogus. Bianca interviews Holly again, and faced with evidence from Holly’s peers, it is clear to her that Holly’s accusation is pure fantasy. Bianca informs Zac that because Holly won’t drop her allegation the authorities have to be informed. Holly feels betrayed by Maddy for dobbing her in to Bianca. 

Brax and Heath try to think ahead of Adam. Brax ferociously questions Tamara, but Sid intervenes and tells him that she has lost her memory and can’t help him. Despite Heath’s negative outlook, Brax refuses to give up on Ricky.

Wednesday 10 July

After her failed friendship with Holly, Maddy looks to make amends with Sasha and Spencer. She apologises for not believing their warnings about Holly, and they understand. However, Maddy feels on the outer after witnessing Sasha and Spencer’s strong connection. She quickly turns things into an argument with Spencer and later Maddy confesses to Roo that her fight with Spencer was really because she wants to be in a relationship with him. Maddy notices Spencer looking at Sasha the way he used to look at her and accuses Spencer of having feelings for Sasha. Dex also notices Spencer & Sasha’s growing attraction. He gives Spencer his approval and encourages him to take action. 

Dex struggles with the prospect of receiving bad uni results, especially since Indi and April have received such good marks. He confides in Marilyn that he hasn’t checked his results as he’s afraid his accident has stopped him from achieving in the same way he used to. 

Harvey overhears Indi’s need for staff at the gym. Indi doesn’t want to hurt Harvey’s feelings, but after his last stint at the gym Indi’s pretty sure that Harvey would spell disaster. Assuring Indi he’ll let Harvey down gently, John bluntly tells him that he is hopeless at running the gym and Indi doesn’t want him there. Hurt and annoyed by John Palmer’s dressing down of him, Harvey concludes that John was stitching him up. When confronted John declares they should have a “fit-off” to see who the better man for the job is. John wins the challenge but throws his back out whilst celebrating. Despite ending up in hospital, John refuses to concede defeat. Sasha recommends Spencer for the gym job and Indi interviews him.

Thursday 11 July

Dex tries to convince Spencer to act on his feelings for Sasha, but he reveals that he doesn’t want to hurt Maddy or ruin his friendship with Sasha. Indi also tries to play matchmaker with Sasha and Spencer after learning of their chemistry from Dex. Spencer asks Harvey for love advice and he suggests honesty. Sasha is adamant there is no chemistry between her and Spencer when questioned by Indi. Indi agrees to hire Spencer for the gym, asking Sasha to deliver the news. Elated, Spencer hugs Sasha and she realises he does have feelings for her. Spencer asks Indi for advice on Sasha, and she counsels him to be up front and open about his feelings. Despite their feelings, Sasha and Spencer agree to be just friends to avoid complications, and Sasha angrily tells Indi to butt out of her love life. 

John Palmer is the world’s worst hospital patient, and delights in making the staff’s life hell while he suffers from his slipped disc. However, he notices Jett’s unease in the hospital and Marilyn takes him home. Alf reminds Marilyn that Jett may be uncomfortable in the hospital because of Gina’s passing. Meanwhile, Dex is still avoiding his uni results and throws himself into taking on whatever John throws his way in a bid to distract himself. However, the two realise they can’t avoid their troubles forever. John calls Jett and is dismayed by the distant responses he receives. He tries to discharge himself but is stopped by Sid and Dex. Jett finally visits and is angry that John failed to look after himself, another broken promise. John is supposed to be there for Jett, and instead he put himself at risk because of a stupid competition with Harvey. Angry, Jett runs away. 

Sid leaves Dex in charge of John’s care. First mission “Sponge Bath”. Dex finally checks his results and is despondent about only passing. He feels that he may not ever regain his prior intellect, and has been permanently impacted by his accident.

Friday 12 July

Brax still has no word from Adam and is desperately trying to save Ricky. Meanwhile, Adam is growing tired of Ricky. Brax blames Heath for leaving Adam to die instead of getting him help, setting off the chain reaction of events. He texts Adam, who agrees to meet. Brax leaves alone against Heath’s protests. Brax finds Ricky tied up at the warehouse where Adam was left for dead. Ricky tries to warn Brax that it’s a trap, but as he’s untying her Adam shoots him. 

Marilyn advises John that the best way to patch things up with Jett is to start getting better. John arrives at the Summer Bay House, determined to find Jett and worried sick. Everyone agrees to start searching for Jett. However, Bianca and Zac find Jett holed up in the Principal’s office. Jett wants to teach John a lesson about breaking promises, but he doesn’t want to lose him. They convince Jett to return, but he’s unimpressed with John’s apology. Jett scolds John before they reconcile, with the pair promising to do better by each other. 


Despite the troubles he’s faced as a teacher, Bianca doesn’t regret having Zac on her staff. She believes Zac’s innocent, and while searching for proof finds evidence that Zac could not have been with Holly on some of the instances she’s claimed. Zac now has an alibi, and Holly is proved a liar. However, before they can clear Zac’s name the local paper publishes a front page article lampooning Zac and supporting Holly’s allegations.