Bruce Lee exhibition to open in Hong Kong

The show will open to mark 40 years since the death of the world-famous martial arts movie star


 Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art. Life, an exhibition showcasing movie memorabilia, costumes, scripts and photographs, will open in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the city where the martial artist became a movie star.


The show launches on July 20, to mark 40 years since Lee died in 1973. It will include 600 items relating to Lee and feature items that have never before been lent out.

Included in the exhibition is Lee’s yellow onesie, which he wore in Game of Death. Plus there will be special footage from films Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, The Way of the Dragon and Fists of Fury.

Artist Chu Tat-shing has created a 3.5-metre karate kicking sculpture especially for the show and visual animator artist Shannon Ma will show offer her hologram display of Lee in full flow with his nunchaku.

Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art. Life, exhibition will run for five years from July 20, at Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Tickets should be booked in advance.


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