Who do you want to win The Apprentice?

The final five are raring to go and Lord Sugar’s got a decision to make. But we want to know who YOU would invest £250,000 in….


Imagine you’re Lord Sugar. You’ve got £250,000 to plunge into a deal with a chipper young apprentice who’s promising to make you loads of money. You’ve got five candidates to choose from… wait, stop imagining yourself on a cruise, come on.


You’re writing out that cheque for £250,000 – who is it going to go to?

Will it be Leah Totton the doctor who, when given the chance, will talk the hind legs off of a donkey? Or perhaps Neil Clough, a stellar salesman who would probably be happiest if he had a mug, t-shirt and baseball cap with his name on it? Maybe Jordan Poulton with his ‘Oh, didn’t you know I already have a business partner’ ways has won you over? Luisa Zissman, the cupcake queen with a brain like Einstein (apparently) could be your future investment, or indeed, could it be Francesca MacDuff-Varley who scoops the prize? As long as her business plan isn’t something to do with cookery, mind.


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