When celebs tweet outside of their comfort zone

Kanye West thinks he’s found the best movie of all time and Harry Styles wants to talk Socrates – see more celebs who should stick to their day job


Celebrities are usually too busy promoting their own work or telling us what they had for breakfast to surprise us too much. But sometimes, just sometimes, they address issues a little out of their comfort zone…


Forget The Great Escape and Citizen Kane, Kanye West has put a stick in the ground with Pacific Rim

Dom Joly focuses on the important issues at hand

Rylan Clark would whizz through Pilot training

Ok, we know Pretty Green is a Gallagher fashion brand, but knitwear? Really?

Oh, Harry Styles… stick to talking about your fans

We’re sure Boris gets someone to check these for him – but really, why bother Boris?

Thankfully, Katie Price doesn’t work in our listings department


Are you sure you mean “us” Charlie?