The real Up? Man to float over Atlantic using helium filled balloons

In a Pixar-film-style aircraft, a US balloonist plans to fly from Maine to Paris this summer


If you see a man attached to a blob of coloured balloons flying over Europe this summer, don’t call the emergency services. Bonkers balloonist Jonathan Trappe is deliberately trying to fly to Paris from Maine in a vessel propelled by 400,000 helium balloons.


The daredevil will take to the skies for an adventure similar to that seen in Disney’s Pixar animation Up, in which balloon salesman Carl Fredriksen and eight-year-old Russell are lifted into the sky by balloons and end up in South America.

Trappe will travel 2,500 miles during his life-threatening journey, for approximately seven days. The 38-year-old already holds a record for a 14-hour cluster balloon flight.

Five people have died attempting the same journey across the Atlantic in hot air balloons, yet Trappe has previously crossed the English Channel by cluster balloon and is confident he can go that one step further with this challenge.

“I’ve done all this because I have a chance of success.” He told Metro. “I think we will make it.”


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