Call the Midwife’s Trixie “wouldn’t mind getting naked for Game of Thrones”

Actress Helen George is looking ahead to her next role... which could be very different from the BBC Sunday night drama

Call the Midwife star Helen George, who plays nurse Trixie, says she loves her job but wouldn’t be afraid to do something different – including getting naked for Game of Thrones.


“I’d like to do something contemporary, or Game of Thrones – I’m just going to put that out there, I wouldn’t mind getting naked for Game of Thrones, that’s fine,” George told the Belfast Telegraph.

While her midwife character is certainly glam, this would be a bit of a shock to viewers, who are used to seeing her buttoned up nicely in the 1950’s drama.

But George says she’s even tried to add a bit of extra drama to her Call the Midwife role. George asked to do her own stunt work when Trixie climbed up the side of a ship in the show, but producers put a stop to it.

“I had a really good stunt double in a really good wig – it fooled my husband, he didn’t realise it wasn’t me,” George joked.

If George doesn’t get the chance to try her hand at a bit of nudity in GoT then it looks like we may see her in something more action-based. “I really want to learn to kick-box”, she said.


Nudity, kick-boxing, stunts… phew. We don’t know about George, but we need a lie down.