Top of the Lake: broadcast date and time confirmed

Jane Campion's haunting drama will begin later this month on BBC2


Jane Campion’s much-anticipated crime drama Top of the Lake is to begin on Saturday 13 July at 9.10pm on BBC2.


The six-part mystery – which stars Elisabeth Moss, Holly Hunter and Peter Mullan – is set in the remote mountains of the South Island of New Zealand and revolves around the disappearance of Tui (Jacqueline Joe), a pregnant 12-year-old girl.

Robin Giffin (Moss) is the straight-talking detective specialising in child protection called in to investigate the case, but as the search unfolds she ends up learning disturbing truths about the local community of her own childhood and realises that finding Tui is tantamount to finding herself – a self she has kept well hidden.

The series is co-written by Jane Campion (The Piano, Portrait of a Lady) and Gerard Lee and co-directed by Campion and Garth Davis. Ben Stephenson, who commissioned Top of the Lake for BBC2, said of the project: “Jane Campion is a storyteller like no other. We are delighted to bring to screen an unforgettable landscape and characters who are unique, original and yet utterly recognisable – this is a story which will touch us all.”


Jane Campion added: “Top Of The Lake is a classic mythic struggle. Even as Robin breaks, she maintains a light and love for the lost girl, but it takes her by surprise to realise the lost girl is also herself.”