Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel and admits he wasn’t popular at school

Yes, you read that correctly, Hollywood hunk Depp had trouble with the ladies at school...

Johnny Depp sent talk show host Jimmy Kimmel into a bit of a flap after kissing him three times during his interview.


Depp put aside talk of his new film The Lone Ranger – in which he plays Native American tribesman Tonto – to give Kimmel a bit of a smooch on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.

After Kimmel described Depp – who plays Tonto in the movie – as “very handsome with a, let’s just be honest, beautiful face”, Depp planted a kiss on Kimmel’s cheek, sending the audience into a jealous meltdown.

The whoops and cheers seemed to encourage Depp, landing another two kisses on Kimmel’s face – one pretty darn close to his lips – to which Kimmel joked, “I’ve lost my train of thought.”

Yeah, we think we’d lose ours, too.

But, it appears Depp hasn’t always been this smooth. After Kimmel revealed that’s more kissing than he did in all of high school, Depp chuckled, “Me, too.”

Depp agreed that his long hair meant girls tended to think he was a bit of a “scumbag or a loser”.


Bet they’re kicking themselves now. Check it out…