The Lone Ranger stars signed for more films – except Johnny Depp

Depp says he thinks it was a “one-shot deal” but would be ready for a sequel

Disney’s The Lone Ranger may not land in cinemas until Wednesday, but the stars are already on board for sequels – except for Johnny Depp, that is. 


Armie Hammer, who plays said Lone Ranger, told E! online he’s already signed up for a “couple” more. Luther star Ruth Wilson, who plays the Lone Ranger’s love interest Rebecca Reid, revealed she’s “signed for three”.

However, Depp, who stars as Tonto, said, “I think it was a one-shot deal.”

Slightly awkward. Especially given that Hammer has revealed Depp went the whole hog and turned up to a reading with a full face of Tonto make up on.

Then again, it looks like it could simply be a case of Depp having missed a memo about potential follow-ups.

“If they started talking sequel on this I’d be ready to go in a second,” he said.

That would make sense, given that Depp seems to have invested himself so heavily in the film, helping engineer a change for Tonto from sidekick to co-protagonist.


“The original [TV] series didn’t sit well with me, the idea that the Indian was put in the position to be the kind of fetching boy or something,” Depp told New York Daily. “The first thing that was on our agenda was portraying these people with the dignity they deserve and the respect they deserve.”