Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

1-5 July: Kate and Kyle spend the night together, Mason starts dating Imogen and Joshua begins to doubt that Brad is the right swimming coach for him

Monday 1 July


Paul makes it clear that he thinks Mason is crazy to replace Tim Collins with Toadie and Ajay for the hearing. But secretly, he’s not worried – he’s convinced they can’t put together a viable case in such a short time. Toadie however leverages Paul to give a statement of support for Mason which, along with one from Caroline, helps Mason get off with a good behaviour bond and community service. Mason celebrates the win by embarrassing Paul with a public gob-full. 

In the course of waiting for the result of the hearing, both Lauren and Lou make important decisions. Lauren, on learning Lyn is selling Harold’s, announces she thinks she and Matt should buy it. Matt strongly disagrees.  Lou, chatting about family with Sheila, decides to contact his long-neglected daughter, Ling Mai.

Hearing Georgia and Sheila arguing about how much care he needs, Kyle is fed up with being treated like an invalid. He takes Bossy and goes for a walk. Concerned for him, Georgia follows along, arguing that she doesn’t think he’s an invalid, but that being blind he does need a certain amount of help. He rejects, insisting he can take care of himself. When he hears the hospital fundraiser is tonight, he wants to go. Georgia’s uncertain how blind-friendly the crowded event will be, but he insists he’s going – with or without her.

Amber stresses to Kate that once the hearing is over, Mason will want them to get back together. Kate’s not so sure but when she runs into Mason at Charlie’s, she takes a chance and tells him she hopes the two of them can get things back to how they were. Before he can reply, he’s joined by Imogen, looking stunning. Kate’s rocked to realise Mason and Imogen are on a date. 

Tuesday 2 July

Kyle and Georgia head off to the hospital fundraiser, Kyle having insisted he’s perfectly capable of attending, blind or not. But after he learns Chris has been lying to him about how much work pressure he’s been under, Kyle feels bad. His mood deteriorates even further when Georgia makes a speech about how much she loves taking care of others in need. Essentially, he feels useless, like a good for nothing charity case. Fed up, he heads off into the night on his own. Georgia’s concerned when she realises he’s missing, but Chris and Kate try to assure her there’s nothing to worry about. As a new day dawns, Kyle’s still missing and Georgia really starts to panic. What’s happened to Kyle?

As Joshua focuses on the training regime Brad’s come up with, Amber’s interest in him grows. She sneakily follows him to the pool and watches his training session, more and more attracted to him. Meanwhile Joshua receives some casual training advice from another professional swimming coach. Brad rejects the advice, believing he knows what’s best for Joshua, but Terese later finds Joshua doing a search on the other coach, and wonders if he doubts his Dad’s ability to oversee his training. Joshua assures her that isn’t the case, but the truth is a seed of doubt has been sown.

Imogen and Mason have a fun first date, even though she suspects he’s partly just using her to move on from Kate. Imogen lays down the law with him, making it clear she’s never gone all the way with a guy, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Amber’s confused when she hears her friend’s suddenly interested in her brother, but Imogen assures her that she’s not taking it too seriously. Meanwhile, having seen Mason with Imogen, Kate is thrown. She tries to put it out of her mind, but we see that her jealousy is starting to get the better of her.

Wednesday 3 July

Having slept at the Men’s Shed, Kyle turns up safe and sound, much to everyone’s relief. But Georgia’s relief quickly turns to anger. She lashes out at Kyle for hiding out and causing them all so much stress. Kyle retreats to his room. Later, Georgia goes to Kyle in a conciliatory mood but Kyle’s admits he’s sick of being mothered. Determined to push her away, he suggests that their relationship has been doomed from the start. Hurt, Georgia goes in search of Kate to relay what’s happened, and runs into Mason, who finds himself on the receiving end of a tirade about his mistreatment of Kate. 

Kate tries to deal with the knowledge that Mason is moving on – with Imogen – by putting him out of her mind. But everywhere she turns, there are reminders. Seeing them together on the street – Mason texting Imogen during class –  awkward apologies from Imogen – it’s all a dagger to the heart for Kate. Returning home, Kate finds Kyle drowning his sorrows and happily joins him, each promising not to talk about their respective relationship dramas. But as the night wears on, Kate shares her heartbreak over Mason and in turn, accuses Kyle of being an idiot for throwing away his relationship with Georgia. The candid exchange leads inexplicably to a kiss and before they know it Kate and Kyle are sharing a night of passion. 

Brad’s uneasy when he learns Joshua has gone to swimming training without him. He confronts Joshua to discover he’s mixing up his training, contrary to Brad’s advice. Joshua plays it down. He just thought he’d take on board some of Don’s suggestions – no harm in it. But Brad thinks otherwise and makes Joshua promise to stick to his training regime. Meanwhile, Amber’s crush on Joshua sees her showing up at his training just to watch him swim.  She’s been careful to be discreet, but when she accidentally lets slip to Joshua that she’s been watching him train, she is all kinds of embarrassed. Still, she asks him out, and when he declines because he’s got a meeting with Susan, she assumes he’s blowing her off – but he’s not. 

Thursday 4 July

Having slept together, Kate and Kyle reel. Kate is overwhelmed with guilt, and while Kyle too feels guilty, he feels like he needs to tell Georgia what happened. Meanwhile, Georgia feels bad about her fight with Kyle and wants him to take her back. Kate demands Kyle do so and never mention what happened, but Kyle doesn’t relent. When a shocked Chris finds out what happened he suggests there might be a reason Kyle always goes back to Kate. Completely confused, Kyle decides to go to Frankston to escape and clear his head, leaving a frustrated Georgia to ask Kate if she knows what’s going on with Kyle. Will Kate reveal their betrayal?

Lou is thrilled to hear from his long lost daughter Ling Mai, who wants him to visit her in Cambodia. He shares the news with Sheila, but in doing so, misreads her, mistaking her affection as romantic. He tries to kiss her, but she is offended and he is left mortified, fearing he’s ruined their friendship. Bailey asks Sheila to forgive Lou, confessing it was the kids who made Lou believe she was interested in him. Sheila tells Lou there are no hard feelings, but in trying to let him down gently she inadvertently leaves him believing that she is interested in him after all. Meanwhile, Lou decides to go visit Ling Mai, and the street holds a farewell BBQ for him.

Friday 5 July

Rani tries to apologise to Callum again but he doesn’t want to listen – and he quits the play, which is due to be performed today. Rani’s gutted, and tries to find a way to convince Callum that she genuinely wants him back in her life. She decides to rewrite the vital scene of the play, and with Ajay’s help comes up with something from the heart. When Callum reads the new scene he can’t help but be affected – but will he forgive Rani for her betrayal?


Chris urges Georgia to head to Frankston and find Kyle. He believes honesty is the best policy, and is convinced that once they get past the initial hurt, she and Kyle will get back together because they’re meant for each other. Kate reminds Chris how Georgia spiralled out of control after her last relationship drama, and Chris is forced to sabotage Georgia’s plans.