Two-thirds of BBC programmes are repeats

63 per cent of shows aired on the four BBC channels in 2012 had been seen before

Almost two thirds of BBC programmes aired last year were repeats, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 


The request showed that an average of 63% of programmes broadcast across the BBC channels – BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 – during 2012 had already been aired.

BBC1 trasmitted 2,793 repeat programmes in the period, around a third of its output, while 4,423 BBC2 shows were repeats.

BBC3 was arguably the worst offender with 3,196 (85%) of its programmes coming from repeats while BBC4 had already shown 2,604 hours, or 78% of its output.

A BBC statement said: “Repeats on the BBC are carefully scheduled to reach different audiences.


“On BBC2, many of its repeats are of classic shows. For example, we have recently shown Dad’s Army and The Good Life, chosen to offer viewers an alternative to what the other channels are showing.”