How morally upstanding are you? Take our quiz to find out

As new series Eye Spy kicks off on Channel 4, we ask just how corruptible readers really are...

Are you a big fat fibber? A trickster, a deluder and a deceiver? Or a law-abiding, virtuous and honourable truth-teller? Take our morally challenging quiz to find out…


Six months ago your sister lent you her favourite book. She insists you’ve still got it but you’re adamant you’ve given it back. That is, until you find it down the back of your wardrobe. Do you…

a) Return the book at once, along with a bunch of flowers to say sorry. Eek.

b) Put it back where you found it and pretend you never saw it. The less said about that the better.

c) Throw it away. You shouldn’t lend what you wouldn’t give and there’s no way you’re letting on that you were in the wrong. May the dispute continue.

d) Give the book back and buy her four brand new copies of the same book too. It’s her favourite, right?

You accidentally break your housemate’s fondue kit and put it back in the box, thinking you’ll tell her when she gets home from work. But when you see her next her boyfriend is apologising for breaking the very same thing…

a) Admit your guilt immediately. You couldn’t bear to see the lovebirds bicker over something that was your fault.

b) Keep quiet and wipe your sweaty brow. Phew. That was a close one, wasn’t it?

c) Retire to your room to grin sardonically and indulge in an evil cackle. You got away with it!

d) Declare that you are to blame, but tell her you did her a favour. It’s 2013. Why has she got a fondue kit anyway?

You go to take £20 out of the cash machine, but your card is rejected. As you turn to walk away the machine suddenly spews out five £20 notes. Do you…

a) Gather up the money and rush to the closest bank branch. You must simply return the money to its rightful owner.

b) Take one of the notes, and leave the rest. You did come to take out some cash anyway.

c) Take a sly look over your shoulder, stuff the cash into your bag and walk of whistling nonchalantly.

d) Take the cash and head to the closest Fondue specialist. You’re feeling a bit bad so the least you can do is help your friend get her next melted cheese fix.

You pop to your local corner shop to pick up a few essentials (you know, milk, eggs, Radio Times…) but when you get to the counter there isn’t anyone there. You wait for five minutes and call out, but no one appears. Do you…

a) Count out the exact change, leave it on the counter and go on your merry way.

b) Scarper. If no one is here to take the money, there’s nothing you can do about it…

c) Take advantage of the situation and stock up on some more essentials (you know, fancy loo roll, premium tea bags, branded toothpaste…)

d) Get behind the till yourself. You’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur. Net, gross, profit (and more miscellaneous business words…) Bring it on!

An elderly lady drops £500 on a busy street just as you walk past. It’s pretty windy and the cash goes everywhere. Do you…

a) Help the lady pick up as much cash as you can and then help her into a nearby café and buy her a cup of tea.

b) Think about stopping but decide to keep walking. You’re in a bit of a rush and she shouldn’t have been trotting down the street with that much money in her hand.

c) Keep a beady eye out for any wayward notes. Oh, look, there’s one!

d) Reach into your bag and pull out your handy hi-vis jacket and mega phone. Someone needs to lead a search and rescue party for the missing notes!

Mostly As

Is that a halo we spy? You are positively angelic. There isn’t a bad done in your body. Well done.

Mostly Bs

Bit of a bystander aren’t you? Nobody could accuse you of taking too much responsibility, but you’re not a lost cause. There is some goodness in there…

Mostly Cs

Well, well, well… Wouldn’t want to meet you down a dark alley now would we? When no one’s looking, you’ll get away with as much as you can.

Mostly Ds

You are something of a loose cannon. Forget your moral compass, who knows where you’re going next, you crazy cat…

Tell us your result in the comment box below…


Eye Spy starts tonight at 10pm on Channel 4