Yvette Fielding voted the nation’s favourite Blue Peter presenter

The youngest ever presenter sees off strong competition led by Richard Bacon and Piers Morgan on Twitter


As ten eager candidates hope to win the support of the public and become the 36th (and first elected by the people) presenter of Blue Peter, another far more important contest has been taking place on this very website.


It has been a battle shaped by dodgy social media dealing and celebrity advocay, but now the dust has settled, a triumphant winner has emerged from the fog of war.  The votes have been counted (all 17,000 of them!) and it gives us great pleasure to officially unveil the nation’s favourite Blue Peter presenter of all time… Yvette Fielding.

Fielding, the presenter between 1987 and 1992, topped our poll with a whopping 5,685 votes, 34% of the total. So Fielding, who took over the job when she was just 19, now has the distinction of being both the youngest presenter and the most loved.

It may also be worth noting that she has a Facebook fan club which got wind of our poll and urged its members to vote for her. But that’s democracy folks. It’s all about getting your core vote out there.  A hard lesson that perhaps the likes of Simon Groom, Anthea Turner and Valerie Singelton will wish they’d learned earlier.

In second place was Richard Bacon, the only presenter to have their contract terminated mid-season.  Bacon left the children’s show under a cloud in October 1998 after allegations emerged that he took cocaine.  He notched up 3,713 votes, or 22.2% of the overall vote. However this was not before he exhorted his more than 1m Twitter followers to vote for him… on at least two occasions.

The third placed presenter was both the longest serving and the only candidate endorsed by Piers Morgan, John Noakes.  Noaksey pulled in 1,474 votes, a share of 8.8%. Morgan urged his Twitter followers to support Noakes:

Morgan wrote: “I cannot allow ‪@richardpbacon to beat the great John Noakes in this ‪@RadioTimes ‪#BluePeter poll. Get voting!”


Sadly a Morgan endorsement may not mean as much as you think.