10 things about love and dating you probably didn’t know

How many dates will you go on before you get married, do Xs on a text matter and how do astronauts have sex? As part of Channel 4’s Mating Season we delve into the facts of dating…

80… the percentage of people who pay attention to the number of Xs at the end of a text


100… the percentage increase in handcuff sales since Fifty Shades of Grey

91… the length in years of the longest recorded marriage

3… the number of seconds it takes most speed daters to make their decision about a person’s attractiveness, according to psychologists 

100… The number of dates the average person will go on before getting married

2… a second marriage is less likely to end in divorce than a first

47.5… the percentage drop in men looking for discreet relationsips online immediately after Tiger Woods’s affairs became public

12 to 14… the average number of dates it takes before couples will trade house keys

2… the number of people that can fit into a specially designed spacesuit developed to enable astronaut sex in space

2004… the year a woman was held at Athens airport after her chastity belt set off the metal detector


Channel 4’s Mating Season continues on Tuesday with Dates (10:00pm, C4)