Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman and the mystery of the missing Louise

The Doctor Who star is to drop the second part of her name from all future acting work


When Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman returns as companion Clara for the 50th anniversary episode in November, she’ll be missing something – part of her name.


Coleman has decided to drop the Louise, meaning she will be credited as simply Jenna Coleman in all future roles, including as the Impossible Girl in Doctor Who.

The first public nod to the name change came when Coleman was introduced to the Queen as Jenna Coleman during Her Majesty’s visit to BBC Broadcasting House earlier this month.

Since then, the Louise has been conspicuously absent from press releases arriving on’s desk – including a recent announcement of her upcoming role in Pride and Prejudice sequel Death Comes to Pemberley – as well as tweets from the official Doctor Who Twitter account.

Exactly what prompted the decision to lose the Louise remains a mystery. Perhaps the actress feels Jenna Coleman is snappier, or easier to remember. Possibly it is seen as more grown-up. Or maybe it’s simply to stop her being confused with the other JLC, Justin Lee Collins.

An insider tells “There’s no big story behind it – it’s just what she’s called now. There’s been no formal announcement. She was introduced to the Queen as that and Doctor Who credits will now read Jenna Coleman, as will Death Comes to Pemberley and all of the rest.

“That’s just her, going forward…”


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