Netflix solve your summer parenting problems

The On Demand provider is aiming to ease your stress with their new Families service

Netflix is set to solve all your summer parenting woes.


Well, that could be something of an overstatement…  The VOD service may provide hours of telly-based entertainment but they won’t whip out the baby wipes when your little one is carsick or put an end to silly sibling squabbles.

What the clever On Demand provider can do, though, is provide you with trusted recommendations for your mini telly-watchers.

The website’s new section – Netflix forward-slash families – launches hand-picked lists to entertain your children, such as ‘Classics to Share With Your Kids,’ ‘Are We There Yet?’ and ‘Family Movie Night’. All you need to do is plonk them down in front of the TV, or a tablet, safe in the knowledge that they are watching appropriate and entertaining content.

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos says: “We see increases in family and kids content viewing hours during summer so we know Netflix is a great solution for entertaining families this time of year… With the Netflix Families page, we’ve taken our proprietary algorithm to create lists we think families will love.”

The Families service also tells users about the best ways to stream content and shares info on how other families use Netflix.


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