Disney releases first trailer for animated Snow Queen adaptation Frozen

No sign of the Snow Queen herself, or Kristen Bell’s Anna, but the first clip from the animated movie is filled with Disney charm


The Christmas release of Disney’s Frozen is a while off yet but here’s the first clip from the long-awaited new animated adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen.


It apparently won’t stick exactly to the story – but that’s what Disney does, regenerates classic tales for the modern era.  

Kristen Bell will provide the voice of Anna, who seeks to free her Snow Queen sister Elsa, who has been trapped in an eternal winter.

We can empathise. Has anyone realised it’s supposed to be June?

And while Anna doens’t appear in this first sneak peek at the film, it’s clear it’s the little characters that are going to make the movie.

Just check out this snowman, racing a hungry reindeer to reclaim his missing carrot nose…


Frozen will arrive in cinemas 20 December 2013