Coronation Street spoilers: David aims to ruin Nick and Leanne’s marriage – preview pictures

Ben Price reveals how Nick looks set to be the victim of David's psychological warfare


After learning of Nick’s one-night-stand with Kylie, cunning David Platt now has his brother well and truly in his sights. After trashing Nick’s flat, David will next week sow malignant seeds by swiping a cigarette lighter belonging to Peter Barlow and planting it on Nick’s sofa. So is David trying to bring about the downfall of his brother’s marriage by suggesting that Peter is sniffing around Leanne?


“Well, when Nick finds the lighter he obviously reacts with suspicion,” says Ben Price, who plays Nick. “He keeps asking Leanne why it was there, how it got there and when she can’t come up with a satisfactory explanation, his mind goes into overdrive. He doesn’t like the feeling that he’s being lied to and he suspects that’s exactly what’s happening here.”

David has picked a strategy guaranteed to rile his brother as there’s certainly nobody on the street that can get under Nick’s skin in the same way as Peter: “Nick still feels insecure about him and he’s annoyed that this issue is still coming up,” agrees Price. “As soon as people even mention Peter, he can’t contain himself. He just hates him.”

Viewers will see David capitalising on this animosity when – over a ‘brotherly’ drink – he drips poison into Nick’s ear, suggesting that there’s something going on again between Leanne and Peter. With David’s evil words ringing in his ears, Nick returns home and interrogates Leanne. So how does she react to his jealousy?

“She doesn’t react well at all because nothing’s gone on. It’s just this idea that David’s planted, so she’s getting quite indignant that Nick is bringing Peter up again. But from that Nick reads the signs that she’s hiding something, so very quickly their whole relationship is on rocky ground.”

Stories of betrayal always work well for soap fans, who like nothing more than to second guess how revenge is going to be exacted. But how much fun has it been for Price and his co-star Jack P Shepherd, who plays David?

“It’s fantastic. I love working with Jack. We can go in as hard as we can and be as nasty to each other as possible because we’re mates outside of work and I think that makes it easier because you want to make it as real possible.”

And for how long can we expect to see Nick suffer at the hands of David? “I think a long time. I don’t think David will forget for a long time. He might try and forgive, bit even if he does, it will always be there. And when Nick finds out what David’s done in return, I think it will take him a long time to forgive. This isn’t something that’s going to be cleared up quickly.

“You’ve got to remember that Nick and David are from the same stock. They’ve got the same mum, but Nick’s dad had an edge and I think that comes through sometimes. I think we’ll see another side to Nick – he’s capable of losing it just as much as David is when he’s pushed. There’s a huge showdown on the cards.”


But does the actor sympathise with David on this occasion? “No, not at all! He deserved it. I mean, come on, if you could choose Nick or David who would you go for? It’s an obvious choice!”