From Top of the Lake to Burton and Taylor – eight TV dramas you won’t want to miss this summer

Olivia Colman, Colin Morgan, Gabriel Byrne, Dominic West and Helena Bonham-Carter bring murder, romance, revolution and much more to our screens this season

1. Top of the Lake, BBC2


Twenty years after The Piano, Holly Hunter and Jane Campion have finally been reunited in this haunting six-part drama. Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss also stars as a detective obsessively investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl.

2. Burton and Taylor, BBC4

For Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, fame was their downfall as well as their glory as they became one of the most scrutinised couples of the 20th century. Now, William Ivory has brought them back to our screens, with Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter taking the roles of the cursed couple.

3. Quirke, BBC1

Based on the book by Benjamin Black, this three-part series takes us back to 1950s Dublin. Quirke, played by Gabriel Byrne, is the chief pathologist of the city morgue. His attempts to solve sudden deaths take him from smokey damp alleys and whiskey bars to elegant moneyed houses. Guest turns include Merlin star Colin Morgan.

4. Run, Channel 4

Olivia Colman, Lennie James, Jaime Winstone and Katie Leung star in this drama, which weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people. Poignant and dynamic, honest and witty, it is a series of fast-paced narratives of people facing life-changing decisions.

5. The Mill, Channel 4

This historical series set around the National Trust’s Quarry Bank Mill in Styal brings to life what it was like to be at the coalface of the industrial revolution in Cheshire during 1833. Almost a third of the workforce were adolescents; this four-part drama shows how they try to force a change.

6. Love/Hate, Channel 5

Ireland’s top-rated show has finally crossed the sea and made it into our living rooms. Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones) and Robbie Sheehan (Misfits) star in this series, which concentrates on the tensions of a small-time drug gang and family.

7. Amber, Netflix

This unflinching four-part series set in the Dublin suburbs tackles the story of a missing teen from four perspectives. The disappearance of 14-year-old Amber Bailey triggers a two-year search during which her family will go through unimaginable pressures. Eva Birthistle stars.

8. And back this week… The Borgias, Sky Atlantic


Jeremy Irons returns as Pope Alexander. Having survived an assassination attempt, he begins to purge the Vatican of anyone who even hints at being disloyal.