The Fall series two won’t air for another year and a half BBC confirms

Fans are to be left frustrated as Gillian Anderson's workload means filming on the crime drama will not begin until January 2014 at the very earliest

Hit BBC2 serial The Fall will be returning no earlier than the end of 2014, the BBC has confirmed to


The filming schedule of the drama’s star Gillian Anderson means shooting on series two can only begin in January at the earliest, with broadcast likely to be at the end of the year.

This means that viewers who were left hanging after the first five episodes will have to wait more than a year and a half for a possible resolution to the story in which Gillian Anderson’s detective was left pursuing the serial killer played by Jamie Dornan.

It is understood that BBC management was pleased with the reception to the drama, despite criticisms about the violent content.

“It was great to show another side to Northern Ireland,” a source told


“We have shown that it is an area with its problems but not always ones about community division and secatarianism.”