Kate Middleton launches cruise ship in Southampton

This was the Duchess of Cambridge's last solo engagement before she goes on maternity leave

Royal mother-to-be Kate Middleton launched the 3,600-passenger Royal Princess cruise ship yesterday in her final solo engagement before she goes on maternity leave.


“I name this ship Royal Princess,” said the Duchess, who is eight months pregnant, “may god bless her, and all who sail in her.”

“She looks stunning,” one onlooker told the BBC, “she was glowing and radiant, just beautiful.”

Sir Bruce Forsyth was also at the opening ceremony where a royal band played and streamers flooded the stands in celebration, while Natasha Bedingfield performed her track ‘Unwritten’ in a dayglow yellow skirt.

The giant cruise liner is 1,083 feet, long, weighs 141,000 tons and has 17 decks. 


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