Big Brother 2013: Meet the second batch of housemates

Yes, there are more of them - including a model, a former police officer, a boxer, an It Girl and a mother and daughter...


Charlie Travers


Age: 26

In a sentence: The daughter of fellow housemate Jackie describes herself as a confrontational, aggressive, cheeky, naughty, playful daddy’s girl with a love-hate relationship with her mum.

Daley Ojuederie

Age: 28

In a sentence: Unhygienic housemates might want to watch out for Daley, who’s a potentially deadly combination of clean freak and undefeated professional middleweight boxer.

Daniel Neal

Age: 33

In a sentence: Former policeman Daniel has been in the news recently, having worked on child abuse taskforce Operation Yewtree. He came out as gay ten years ago but has a son from a previous relationship.

Gina Rio

Age: 24

In a sentence: Sushi-loving socialite Gina lives off a £10,000-per-month allowance from her parents and is a personal stylist and shopper for her rapper boyfriend.

Hazel O’Sullivan

Age: 24

In a sentence: Terrier-like Hazel is out to prove that all models are “not as boring” as former housemate Georgia Shalpa, with whom she has a tabloid feud.

Jackie Travers

Age: 59


In a sentence: Opinionated David Cameron fan Jackie is the mother of fellow housemate Charlie, and says spending time with her daughter in a confined space is a challenge she’s looking forward to.