What are the five most positively talked about TV shows on Twitter and Facebook?

Virgin Media has been busy charting the sentiment of social media posts about television shows from last month – and the results are in…

The number of people that watch a show is often reported on. We do it ourselves. It’s interesting.


But now, Virgin Media is taking it to a new level with The Hotlist.

Each month the number of people who watched a show online and on demand are being pulled together, along with how shows fare on social media.

For shows that are on often throughout the month, figures from their best episode are used for overall comparison.

And rather than just monitor how many tweets or Facebook posts a show gets – hold on to your hashtags – V-Media is checking the sentiment of those posts too.

Shows even get points deducted if posts are particularly bad. 

The figures are collected together and verified by a professor from the London School of Economics, no less.

There’s a pretty fancy algorithm to figure it out. It’s probably too long to put here. It’ll remind you of horrific maths lessons.

Let’s just trust that it works.

For the month of May the figures are in. And here’s how shows scored on social media positivity:

The Graham Norton Show lucked out after Will Smith collard his son Jayden and former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton) to perform the theme tune.

Interestingly, Britain’s Got Talent made it into second place on The Hotlist overall, after both Jack Carroll and Gabz won their semi-final, but dropped out of the top five for positive sentiment with a score of 10.02%. 

The same is true of The Voice, which received a positivity rating of just 9.54% from five million social media impressions posted about the first round of battles. Ouch. 

Gillian Anderson’s The Fall scored the fifth highest in sentiment ratings, despite not making The Hotlist overall.


What a fickle bunch we are…