Big Brother 2013: Meet the housemates

From a gypsy dental nurse with webbed feet and a blackbelt in karate to a former magician and male escort turned celebrity publicist - yes, it's the new batch of BB contestants...


“It’s all change” says Big Brother as we enter Secrets and Lies, the BB series Channel 5 is billing as “harder and harsher” than ever. Thankfully, one thing that hasn’t changed is the heady mix of bold, beautiful and quite possibly bonkers housemates set to entertain and irritate us in the coming months.


You’ll be pleased to know that the key areas of mackerel fishing, shamanism, gold-digging, glamour modelling and twins are all represented – and that’s just for starters.

This year’s launch is a two-parter which might just mean more inmates added to the mix on Friday…

Callum Knell

Age: 28

In a sentence: The self-confessed “very good looking” PE teacher once scored serious “man points” by sleeping with a mother and daughter and says he’s “the full package” (presumably not including modesty or discretion).

Dexter Koh

Age: 28

In a sentence: Celebrity publicist Dexter claims he was once London’s highest-paid male escort, and has also been a strip club manager, a magician and a member of the paparazzi.

Jack and Joe Glenny

Age: 18

In a sentence: “We’re funny, we’re friendly and we’re fat” is the motto of Tory, musical-loving twins Jack and Joe, who share everything, even each other’s sentences.

Jemima Slade

Age: 41

In a sentence: Self-confessed gold-digging cougar Jemima runs a matchmaking website for likeminded people but says if she fancies someone in the house “I’ll go for it”. 

Sam Evans

Age: 23

In a sentence: Welsh stockroom assistant Sam has represented Great Britain and Wales as a deaf footballer ansd describes himself as fun and confident with no common sense.

Sallie Axl

Age: 26

In a sentence: Tattooed rock chick and alternative glamour model Sallie has slept with over 70 girls, as well as several footballers, and has a three-year-old daughter and a Chihuahua.

Sophie Lawrence

Age: 20

In a sentence: Cockney-cum-gypsy football fan Sophie has a karate black belt, a bad temper and webbed feet, and says she hates her job as a dental nurse.

Wolfy Millington

Age: 20

In a sentence: Practicing shaman and qualified mackerel fisherwoman Wolfy lives with her girlfriend of four years and can cleanse your aura or insult you amusingly.


The two-part launch of Big Brother is at 9pm on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June on Channel 5