Best cat bearding pictures

As cat bearding pictures flood the internet, we showcase our favourite furry finds...

On tomorrow night’s Hoirzon: The Secret Life of the Cat, we find out what exactly what our furry feline friends get up to all day.


Cameras connected to their collars reveal that when left to their own devices cats clamber into bird houses, have stand-offs and do a whole lot of purring (we could have guessed that last one).

But when it comes to what cats do when their owners are home, we don’t need a documentary. We know exactly what they do. They become beards.

Yes, beards.

Fondly referred to as ‘Cat bearding’ snaps of owners holding their cats in just the right place to create a beard, has become an internet phenomenon. Cats of all shapes and sizes are being used as a prop by their snap-happy owners.

Just check out these purr-fect pics from around the web: 

Ears looking at you kid…

Artistic cat bearding

Some even surprise themselves…

Cat bearding goes epic

Serious cat bearding 

Our fluffiest cat bearder…

Some cats found they didn’t need a human at all…

Of course cat bearding doesn’t leave much room for the dog lovers out there. But that’s no worry – dog bearding soon kicked off…

Don’t kid yourself that this is the only trend like this either. Catfro anyone?


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