First look at the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games consoles

Forget the details - first up, we want to know what they look like, how much they cost and when we can get our hands on one...

Introduced within hours of one another, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are the new major players on the games console market. Both are being billed as all-in-one home entertainment systems and have the requisite Blu-ray players, social media connectivity and general extended functionality.


The further technical details are important, of course, but first up there are three things you really want to know: What do they look like? How much will they cost me? And when can I get my hands on one?

Here comes the non-science part…


Price: £349

Launch date: Christmas 2013

Look: Jet black with a matt or gloss finish

Xbox One

Price: £429

Launch date: November


Look: “Liquid black” with a matt/gloss combination finish