The Apprentice’s Alex Mills and the best eyebrows in showbusiness

More famous for his brows than business, Alex isn’t the only one working it in the eyebrow department...

Last night’s The Apprentice saw Welsh candidate Alex Mills get those famous eyebrows waxed. They’re so famous they’ve earned their own Twitter account.


“My eyebrows are perfection,” Alex confirmed after a quick tidy up at a spa.

And Alex isn’t the only one with some gravitas in the eyebrow department. Just check out these famous arches…

David Hemmings

Not just a different colour to his hair, actor David Hemmings’s eyebrows seem to have a mind of their own, too. Star of Gladiator and Mean Machine, David’s rocking a bit of a half up, half down look. It’s probably fashionable somewhere.

Larry Hagman

Oh yes, look, it was fashionable in the 80s according to Larry Hagman, who played J.R Ewing in Dallas. Perhaps he raised his eyebrows that many times they really did stick. Mums are always right, eh?

Denis Healey

Denis may be a politician rather than a Hollywood star – but those brows could have carried their own lead role. Just look at them vying for the camera’s attention. It’s a wonder Denis can actually see. Although they probably keep the rain out of his eyes which could be handy.

Leonard Nimoy

Did Spock’s eyebrows get beamed up, too? The permanently surprised look almost distracts from the bizarre hair cut. Almost.

Zachary Quinto

Luckily, the Spock mantle has been picked up by someone with just the right amount of eyebrow to carry off the Spock look. Clearly one for a fair bit of hair artistry, Zachary actually has more hair on his face than on the sides of his head.

Eugene Levy

Star of American Pie, Eugene couldn’t have had a better pair of ironic eyebrows for his part as Jim’s inappropriate dad. If eyebrows could talk, eh? We bet they’d have some stories.

Jack Nicholson

Not only did Jack Nicholson help create one of the best behind-the-scenes moments at the Oscars by creeping up on Jennifer Lawrence, his brows did most of the work for him. Just look at them staring out from above his sunglasses. “Here’s… my eyebrows!”

Nicholas Hoult

As if the dodgy ‘do wasn’t enough, poor Nicholas Hoult looked like someone had had a go at his eyebrows with a razor in About A Boy. There really should be a bit more hair there shouldn’t there?

Albert Finney

A proper pair of caterpillars, Albert (of the Bourne franchise) and his bushy brows could do with making friends with a pair of tweezers. Alex has probably got some he could borrow.

Justin Theroux

For a very clean-cut kind of guy, Justin sure rocks a meaty set of eyebrows. A good starting point for his role in Wanderlust, which required long locks and a big bristly beard, too. Now he’s someone to back for ‘Movember’! 


Have we missed anyone? Let us know who you’d like to see added to our list…