Alexander Armstrong: Pointless is the ultimate quiz

"There’s something very beguiling about having to find low-scoring answers... It appeals to the anorak in all of us"


Alexander Armstrong, the co-host of BBC1’s Pointless, has called the teatime show “the ultimate kind of quiz.”


Talking to about the show, which will air its 500th episode this afternoon, Armstrong went on to say: “There’s something very beguiling about having to find low-scoring answers. For quizzers  and there are a lot of people who take their quizzing very seriously  it’s the ultimate kind of quiz. It’s not enough just to know the right answer, you have to know a really obscure right answer. It appeals to the anorak in all of us.”

But while Pointless, which he’s hosted since it first aired in 2009, might be “the ultimate”, it appears it isn’t the only show for him…  “Our supper break on Pointless coincides exactly with when Pointless goes out, so I’m afraid to say I switch over and watch the Chase,” revealed the 43-year-old comedy actor. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think Pointless is absolutely the bee’s knees. But I do quite enjoy the Chase. That Bradley Walsh, he’s got something…”

Armstrong’s co-star Richard Osman is another man the quiz master thinks has got something. “I’ve known Richard for more than half my life. I see him a lot away from Pointless too… I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing him – it’s always a pleasure to spend time with Richard,” said Armstrong.


Pointless’s 500th episode airs this afternoon at 5:15pm on BBC1