The Apprentice 2013: the best in-car clashes

See Lord Sugar's candidates thrash out their differences on the move


Where better to hold a battle of business egos than the back of a car? It’s usually via the humiliation of speakerphone – which leads to a lot of in-car face pulling. Or, awkwardly, side-by-side, as the car seating arrangement allows. 


The candidate sitting in the front seems to have the best deal as they can dramatically turn their back on the fellow candidates.

One thing’s for sure, Lord Sugar’s wannabe business partners aren’t spending car journeys chatting about the scenery. Here are this series’ best battles so far…

Episode 1: Phone tussle

The candidates were just getting to know each other, but it seems Zeeshaan and Neil couldn’t play nicely when it came to sharing a phone. 

Episode 1: Battle lines drawn           

Luisa isn’t one for delicate descriptions. On the possibility of being hauled into the boardroom by Jazz, she had something rather unfeminine to say…

Episode 2: Alex Mills topples the ‘King’

By far the best backseat rant of the lot, Alex shocks softly spoken Jason into silence…  

Episode 4: Engage brain

Luisa risked alienating all of hunky Myles’s fans with a rather cutting direction to “engage brain” during the farm shop task… 

Episode 5: Pick your battles


Leah Totton found herself front-row-and-centre for this cutting analysis of Zee and his Dubai knowledge from an infuriated Alex…