“Sexist and degrading” Pamela Anderson bikini and cream ad banned from TV

Web-hosting company’s portrayal of women in the workplace is offensive to the public, says Advertising Standards Authority

Not that we’re saying that Pamela Anderson has been typecast or anything, but her recent racy portrayal of what Dreamscape Networks calls a “dynamic and confident” businesswoman has been pulled off air for being degrading.


The Advertising Standards Authority struck down the ad in which Pamela is portrayed leading a board meeting, only to become subject to a male colleague’s sexual fantasies of her in a bikini and covered in cream. The ad ends when the male colleague snaps out of the daydream, only to peer down a woman’s low-cut blouse as she pours his coffee.

The Australian web firm that promoted the ad said it was supposed to be tongue in cheek. They call the ad “anything but degrading to women” and say that the attractive and powerful businesswoman is supposed to contrast the nerdy male colleague.

But the ASA has told the firm, whose commercial was created by Australian company The Brand Agency, to keep the advert off screen. The portrayal was deemed sexist and degrading to women and likely to cause serious offence as the “powerful” businesswomen were quickly turned into sexual objects.

Clearcast originally approved the ad for broadcast after 9 pm. The ASA received complaints about the ad when it first ran in February on Comedy Central and Sky1. The regulator ruled the content of the ad to be offensive and unsuitable to be aired at any time of day.

The same ad was banned by its Australian equivalent for similar reasons in 2010.


Simple lessons for Dreamscape Networks’ next ad — less cream, more clothes.