Celebrities to be quizzed by puppets on primetime BBC1

The Puppet Game Show will see well-known guests tackle games run by a Vernon Kay-inspired puppet host


BBC1 is launching a brand new programme for Saturday night TV – The Puppet Game Show.


Each week two celebrities will be plunged into the world of puppeteers, going head-to-head in various rounds of questions for a chance to win £10,000 for their chosen charity. Subjects range from sport and celebrity to nature and music.

We imagine the puppets have vetoed an appearance from Brian Conley, who has a habit of bashing puppets with a mallet on such shows.

Show host Dougie Colon (pronounced cologne) is based on popular presenter Vernon Kay, who is no doubt wondering how long he’s had a bright yellow nose for.

But it’s behind-the-scenes where the action is said to be taking place. The various puppet assistants who help Dougie run the games, will join the various puppet show execs for a spin-off sitcom.

Perhaps Dougie will get the chance to meet Vernon’s real life wife Tess Daly, who’s been confirmed for the show. 

Other celebs in the mix include Gary Lineker, Claudia Winkleman, Katherine Jenkins, Freddie Flintoff and Vernon Kay himself.

Whether BBC1 has found a puppet-shaped hole in the Saturday telly market that needs to be filled remains to be seen. The show doesn’t start for a few weeks, but host Dougie is certainly ready:


“I can’t wait to get stuck in to the new show. We have a whole host of celebs joining us and I can honestly say that they will never have seen anything like this before!”