Bladder of Steel! Henry Cavill says Superman suit meant no toilet breaks

Kryptonite isn’t the only thing that can stop Superman in his tracks, it seems…

Superman’s new suit may look pretty hi-tech – he’s moved on from spandex to a more chain mail style for Man of Steel, but… he can’t pee in it.


Actor Henry Cavill, who has taken on the role of Superman in this latest remake, told E! News:

“There was no fly. There was no zipper. So it’s just one of those things where you got to wait for the right time.”

You wouldn’t want to be flying and have an accident now would you?

Russell Crowe, who plays Superman’s dad, concurs. “You couldn’t get your bits and pieces out of it. It took nearly 25 minutes just to get it off.”

Director Zack Snyder recently revealed the latest version of the suit – which doesn’t have the classic pants over the top look – took a lot of deliberation. Perhaps this is where they’ve gone wrong. Maybe the pants actually hid a handy pee hole for Superman?

But Cavill’s not letting this little annoyance get him down.

“It’s a Superman suit and as much as it may feel uncomfortable at points, you get over it. You get to play Superman. You get to be wearing Superman’s suit. Every time you turn around and look in the mirror it’s, you are Superman. Those are special moments.”


Bravo. We probably won’t make it through the adverts at the cinema without needing a quick toilet break. Well, those drinks are getting bigger and bigger at the cinema.