Effy, Cassie and Cook return in brand new Skins trailer

Familiar faces from the E4 drama's past series are back for the seventh and final run

Thought you’d seen the last of Skins’ Effy, Cassie and Cook? Well, think again.


The three familiar faces are returning to the E4 drama, but, by the look of the trailer, their hedonistic teenage years are far behind them. Effy has swapped ripped tights and smudged eyeliner for a more professional appearance, while for criminal Cook it seems the stakes are high, and for Cassie life in her twenties is even more lonely. As the trailer says, “time changes everyone”.

Eccentric Effy (Kaya Scodelario) was in Skins at the very beginning. The younger sister of Tony Stonem, the first generation’s charismatic central character, she started out as a bit player but became a pivotal part in series three and four. She veered from being suicidal and vulnerable to manipulative and promisucous, with her story concluding ambiguously.

Cassie (Hannah Murray) was a star of the first generation. Friends with Michelle, and the on-off love interest of Sid, Cassie struggled with an eating disorder before disappearing to New York at the end of series two after Chris’s untimely death.

Troubled and self-destructive teenager Cook (Jack O’Connell) was introduced in series three as Effy’s sometime boyfriend. The life and soul of the party, Cook often found himself in trouble with the law and his story ended with him poised to avenge the brutal murder of his best friend Freddie.

Watch a trailer for the new series below:


Skins will return with a trio of two-part TV films later this year