Man of Steel: Behind-the-scenes video

Superman cast and crew give insight into the upcoming movie

Eager to know how upcoming Superman flick Man of Steel came together? Want to know why Superman’s pants aren’t on the outside of his suit, why the ‘S’ symbol is so important and why the suit doesn’t work without a cape? Well, this is the video for you.


Director Zack Snyder, David S Goyer (screenplay) and Superman (Henry Cavill) give their insight, alongside various members of the cast who have helped ‘modernise’ Superman.

“This is a more realistic Superman,” says Goyer. “A Superman that exists in the real world, rather than a comic book Superman.”

And how does one go about modernising Superman and making him cool for a modern audience?

“Without breaking the things that make him Superman,” says Snyder.

It’s because of this that many of the traits we know and love about Superman are still there. It’s why the suit is still red and blue, the hair is still perfectly in place and why Superman has the same vulnerability. Oh and the ability to save the world etc…

But he had to be given a makeover to fit into his new world. There couldn’t be questions left like, “Did his mum make his suit?” jokes producer Deborah Snyder.

The suit is a really high-tech fabric (a departure from the spandex) and can even have armour over the top. The cape is still there, but the pants have gone under cover.

“I probably looked at hundreds of versions with underwear. But it fell by the boards because I couldn’t make it consistent with the world that we were creating,” explains Snyder.

Of course there’s deeper conversations than Superman’s pants. The film throws physics and philosophical questions into the spotlight. Superman is from a different planet after all. There’s speed, there’s action there’s drama and it’s all here before the film hits cinemas.


Man of Steel is in cinemas from June 14 2013