Made in Chelsea’s Lucy flashes her underwear and gives Spencer the cold shoulder

Miss Watson took centre stage during tonight's episode as she made up with Jamie, delighted Andy and Stevie in her bra and snogged new man Alex

Spencer has fallen hard. Again. But this time for brassy brunette Lucy Watson who was determined not to give him the time of day in tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea. While Mr Matthews pined over his latest crush in sunny Barcelona, Lucy was busy rambling Wimbledon Common with new man candy Alex Mytton.


But Alex has a past of his own, as we discovered in last week’s episode when it was revealed that he’s the ex-boyfriend of new cast member Phoebe-Lettice Thompson. As Rosie helpfully pointed out: “It’s very rare to find someone who hasn’t f***ed one of your friends.”

Tonight’s episode was dominated by Phoebe’s belligerent campaign to warn her former lover off her female foe, but to no avail as Lucy and Alex put on a united front at Mark Francis’s black and white masquerade ball. Although that didn’t stop Tatler’s fashion assistant from embarking on a one-woman hate campaign against Lucy and Binky. “You have no interest in making friends with any of the girls,” accused Binky. “No, it’s just you two,” fired back Phoebe, dressed up in a very fitting Cruella de Vil ensemble. 

Speaking of clothing, Lucy wasn’t wearing very much of it when she sauntered around her apartment dressed in her underwear to the delight of Andy and her smug new housemate, Stevie. “Can I move in?” quipped Andy. Bet that won’t go down too well with his weepy new girlfriend. 

And while we were given a welcome evening off from Louise and Andy’s simpering romance, it was the turn of former friends Lucy and Jamie to bury the hatchet, with Jamie finally admitting he remembers their sordid night in the Verbier hot tub. “I remember that we did kiss and there has to come a point when you admit it,” he told a triumphant Lucy. “I’m sorry for lying and I’m sorry for the thing I’ve done,” he continued, thus confirming the worst kept secret in scripted reality.


Other episode highlights included Millie’s Maria Sharapova tennis screech, Ollie’s toe-curlingly awkward run-in with ex-girlfriend Ashley, Jamie’s inability to make acceptable fashion choices and Spencer’s evil cackle to camera. Until next week, folks…