It’s All About WHO! McFly’s Tom Fletcher ready for Doctor Who role

Singer tweets BBC revealing he already has an assistant - and his own Dalek

The race to become the next Doctor is on… and McFly’s Tom Fletcher wants in.


Rumours may be swirling around big name actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Whishaw, Stephen Mangan) but that hasn’t stopped Tom throwing his hat into the ring.

McDoc – that could work, right?

The savvy singer is using Twitter to try and engineer his move to acting, writing to the BBC: 

Tom’s not taking any chances with his bandmates either. McFly-er Dougie Poynter may well be rocking the same Who-esque get up in the snap, but according to Tom the “guy on the left is my assistant”. 

It’s not just an assistant that Tom comes ready prepared with either – he’s even got his own Dalek. Not just any Dalek either. Tom’s dad built it. That’s dedication right there.  


According to his Twitter profile, Tom’s a “master of the universe” so he seems well equipped to tackle the perils often faced by the Time Lord. He also describes himself as a “generally lame, occasionally awesome, cat owner, pooping dinosaur tamer”. All good Time Lord qualities…