Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

3-7 June: Paul's life spirals out of control just as Lucy arrives back in town, Kyle helps Georgia to clear her name, while Steph engineers a rift between Lucas and Vanessa

Monday 3 June


In the wake of the police charges, Amber’s birthday is ruined. With Amber refusing to go to school, Bailey heads there on his own, eager to distract himself from the tension at home. But he hadn’t counted on the gossip of fellow students – and when Alister pushes him too far, Bailey lets loose with violence. Meanwhile, Matt learns that he has been officially suspended from his job, and with Mason resigning from the garage his court-case isn’t looking good. The Turner family’s troubles are only just beginning…

Paul tells Alan about Rhiannon’s accusations, and Alan agrees to fall into line with Paul and deny everything. But then Alan fronts up to the police station with Paul’s bribery money, saving his own skin by accusing Paul of bribery. Tensions between Paul and Kate go from bad to worse as Kate continues dating Mason, and just when it seems nothing else could go wrong for Paul, his sister Lucy arrives back in town.

Tuesday 4 June

Lucy has arrived back in Erinsborough, in the capacity of head honcho of the entire Lassiters chain. She doesn’t like what Paul’s doing, professionally or personally, and is in town to make some changes. She confronts Paul about the corruption allegations, but he insists it’s all a misunderstanding and he’s being set up. Desperate to get on the front foot, Paul approaches Hotel Manager Tony, bribing him to back up his story – but Lucy sees straight through it and asserts her authority, taking over. She insists Paul remove Tony from his position as Hotel Manager. She will appoint a replacement herself. And she warns Paul that his behaviour only proves he’s completely out of control. Paul is left rattled, his world spiralling out of control. 

Amber cancels her birthday party, convinced that the whole street thinks she and her family are a bunch of crims. But Chris rallies the neighbours, who unite to throw Amber a surprise party. Amber is thrilled, as is the rest of the Turner family – it seems they underestimated their neighbours after all. After the party, Amber accidentally kisses Chris on the lips – a gesture he sees as friendly. But to Amber, it seems to mean a bit more…

Kyle tries to clear Georgia’s name, knowing she’s not guilty of stealing drugs from the hospital, and keen to get his relationship with her back on track. He hits a dead end initially, but at Amber’s party, learns that Cassie almost bought drugs from a kid – Lachie – at school. Talking Kate into helping him, Kyle searches Lachie’s school locker, only to come up empty – and leaving Kyle back at square one. 

Wednesday 5 June

Hoping to distract herself from bigger problems, Steph keeps busy with housework, her café renovations, and by helping out at the garage. While Karl successfully gets her to open up about missing Charlie, Steph keeps her longing for Lucas a secret. When inspecting the new garage set-up, Steph inadvertently stumbles across Lucas’s hidden stash of the men’s magazine containing Vanessa’s topless photo shoot. Through the photographer, Steph learns that Vanessa was once married to Alek Poccoli. Steph reels at this revelation: could this be the key to destroying Lucas and Vanessa’s relationship?  

Although Georgia is ready to give up on her job, Kyle continues to look for new ways to help her prove her innocence. Kyle, Amber and Georgia set up a sting to prove that Lachie is selling drugs at school. However, emotions quickly escalate and a scuffle ensues between Lachie and Kyle. When it’s discovered that Lachie doesn’t in fact have the drugs on him, he smugly insists on involving the police. Just as all hope seems lost, Georgia recognise Lachie’s mother as a nurse from the hospital with chronic backpain, and joining the dots, Georgia confirms that Tina was responsible for the stolen drugs – solving her mystery, and clearing her name. Now more relaxed and very grateful, she thanks Kyle for his tireless efforts with a kiss. This couple is finally getting it together. 

When Sheila insists that Amber has a crush on Chris, he’s quick to dismiss the idea. But, wanting to do the right thing, noble Chris takes this theory to Amber – who covers her true feelings to reassure him that Sheila was wrong. However, when Chris later reveals that he’s going on a date with a customer from work, Amber’s façade begins to crack. Before Chris figures her out, she escapes home, where she breaks down in private; clearly more heart-broken then she’s been letting on. 

Karl worries that Steph is bottling up emotion, and not dealing with the challenges of her current reality. He talks to her about Charlie – which prompts Steph to admit that she blames herself for losing her son, and can’t see any chance of getting him back. Karl takes this concern to Lucas, who for the first time realises that there may be more going on here than meets the eye. 

Thursday 6 June

Steph discovers Lucas doesn’t know about Vanessa’s ex-husband. Lauren inadvertently gives her the idea to create a fake Facebook account as Vanessa’s ex. She sends a message to Lucas, who assumes it was sent to him accidentally. However when he tells Vanessa, she admits that she was married. Vanessa later explains that it happened when she was only twenty; the two of them eloped to Albania. She soon realised it was a bad marriage, and left him. Lucas is stunned by this revelation and tells Vanessa that the marriage is off.

Toadie and Sonya come home and discover the fallout from Sonya having regained her memory. Sonya checks on Lauren, who blames her for what happened, and realises their friendship is fractured. Sonya tells Toadie about this, and he is upset for her. He confronts Mason, telling him what his mother has done, and pointing out this is actually all Mason’s fault. Mason talks to Lauren about it, and says what has happened was due to his mistakes. Lauren brings Sonya a cake to apologise and the two friends make up.

Rani is holding auditions for the play. Callum is looking forward to using the audition as an excuse to kiss Rani. However when he does his audition, not only does he not go particularly well, but Rani ends things before he can kiss her. Bailey does a much better audition than Callum and there is genuine chemistry between him and Rani. However Callum still assumes that he will get the lead role because of his relationship with Rani. Rani wonders who to cast and Ajay advises her to do what is best for the play.

Friday 7 June

Vanessa pleads with Lucas to reconsider calling off the wedding but he can’t shake the fear that he would only be second best. He can’t understand why she would keep such a secret from him, while Vanessa starts to wonder whether he’s just looking for an excuse to break up with her so he can be with Steph. When Sonya has a go at Steph about it, a tearful Steph rushes to Lucas, where Vanessa finds him comforting his ex. She decides to leave the apartment, resulting in Steph coming to comfort Lucas, and slowly but surely she continue to infiltrate his life.

When Georgia’s insecurities about what happened with Scotty prevent her from being intimate with Kyle, she tells Kate that she’s scared of not being good enough for him. Glad to be given her job back at the hospital, Georgia is thrilled when Carol tells her she will support her application for the emergency course which will enable her to work all over the world. But Kyle is not taken with the idea – he confesses that after Jade, he won’t do the long distance thing. Her self-esteem so low, Georgia is eager to please and so calls off her plans. After she and Kyle finally sleep together however, she realises her fears about their relationship have not been banished, so she decides to secretly apply for the course.


Callum is keen to impress Rani and win her heart properly – he desperately wants to take things to the next level and kiss her, but isn’t as experienced as Rani and isn’t sure how. Toadie advises a grand romantic gesture, which inevitably doesn’t go to plan. However it still works and Callum is overjoyed when Rani gives him a gentle sweet kiss on the cheek. But it’s a bittersweet moment when Rani has to break the news to him that he won’t be playing the part he wanted in the play.