Her Majesty the Quiz – test your knowledge of the Queen

As Britain celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation, find out just how much you know about our monarch with a round of true or false royal trivia...

From cars and Chinese restaurants to Twitter and treason, test your knowledge of our royal family… 


1. The Queen is currently patron of over 900 charities and organisations.

2. Elizabeth II is something of a social media whizz.

3. Queen Elizabeth has one very special royal throne.

4. The Queen passed her driving test all the way back in 1945.

5. Our monarch sends signals to her staff using her handbag.

6. There is a mini-branch of Her Majesty’s bank Coutts & Co inside Buckingham Palace.

7. It is considered treasonous to stick a stamp bearing the Queen’s image upside down.

8. The Queen has sent around 45,000 Christmas cards during her reign.

9. During her time on the throne the Queen has been given an elephant, a whale and a shark as gifts.

10. The Queen’s real birthday is on 21 April. But she officially celebrates it two months later.

11. Queen Elizabeth’s birth place is now a pizza restaurant.

12. Talking of birth… the Home Secretary must be present at every royal birth to ensure no illegitimate babies are smuggled in.

13. Over the last 60 years, the Queen has answered around three and a half million items of correspondence.

14. The Queen speaks fluent French.

15. The Queen’s favourite magazines are The Lady, Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder and… Radio Times.


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