David Attenborough to spend a 3D Night at the Museum

A nighttime tour of the Natural History Museum will be followed by a 3D mini-series Conquest of the Skies

David Attenborough will write and present Natural History Museum Adventure, due to premiere on SKY 3D this December, plus a new mini series named Conquest of the Skies – to be released in 2014.


The 90-minute Natural History Museum Adventure will see Attenborough taking an after-hours stroll around the museum as the dinosaurs and other exhibits are brought to life in 3D – a premise reminiscent of Hollywood movie Night at the Museum.

“I’m excited to make a film using new 3D technology which will take the viewer on a journey through one of my favourite museums and look at it – and its inhabitants – in ways never seen before,” said Attenborough.

The Natural History Museum’s director Dr Michael Dixon added “This collaboration gives a fresh take on some of the fascinating inhabitants of the collections, which I hope will inspire and surprise viewers. Sharing the wonders of our world-class collections and our scientific expertise is at the heart of what we do at the Natural History Museum.”

Meanwhile, Sky remains relatively tight-lipped about the details of its other new Attenborough show Conquest of the Skies, but we do know it will be a two-part series (each episode 90-minutes long) shot in 3D and is due to air in late 2014. 


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