Ricky Gervais officially 6 per cent less good looking than Johnny Depp

According to Gervais’s own Twitter poll, the comedy star is marginally less attractive than the Hollywood heartthrob


Ricky Gervais, seemingly of his own will, set up a Twitter poll to find out if he is better looking than Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp. Not to ruin it or anything, but Gervais (so far) hasn’t won.


It was a pretty good idea actually – the way he set up the poll we mean, not the actual poll (who’s going to beat Johnny Depp?) Gervais tweeted: 

Gervais has some pretty loyal Twitter fans – at time of publishing, after a total of more than 3,000 RTs and favourites, he was losing by just 189 (around 6%). Not that we didn’t think you were in the running or anything Ricky, but it is Johnny Depp.

It was undoubtedly clever to choose a picture where Johnny is wearing a hat, glasses, two shirts and a scarf… but those cheekbones can’t be hidden my friend. And you can still kind of catch Johnny’s smouldering look through his shades… anyway, I digress.


The picture is said to be from Gervais’s series Life’s Too Short, in which Depp starred as himself. It was during promotion of this show that the pair appeared to put their 2011 Golden Globes feud to rest (Ricky said some rude things – standard). Probably lucky you let Depp win this one then, eh Ricky?