EastEnders spoilers: Dexter smashes up Sam’s car – first look pictures

The actions of Dexter’s father lead to an outpouring of aggression in a forthcoming episode

The tensions between Dexter and Sam show no signs of abating as these new images released by the BBC highlight.


After discovering that his absent father (Cornell S John) is the person buying the car that he and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) have fixed up, Dexter (Khali Best) rows with his mum for keeping the information from him.


He then storms round to the Arches and, in his rage, smashes up the car. Ava (Clare Perkins) stands watching and holding a stunned Sam back, her heart breaking as she watches her son get so angry. So is the relationship between father and son as irreparable as the car? Find out the repercussions when the episode airs on Thursday 6 June.