New Big Brother eye revealed for “harshest series yet”

Housemates will have to grow their own food and uncover Big Brother’s secrets and lies

It looks like the Big Brother contestants are in for a rough ride this summer, as show bosses reveal the theme is going to be, wait for it… self-sufficiency and recycling. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?


Billed as “the harshest series yet”, it will demand housemates get their recycling just right (heaven forbid something for the green bin goes in the brown one) and will even have them growing their own food.

Here’s hoping the contestants have watched a few episodes of Ground Force or The Good Life and know their way around a garden shed. 

Gone is the hotel-esque nature of the house – it will still look glam, but they’ll have to do much more just to get by. Who knows if there’s even a plug for hair straighteners. Even the new Big Brother eye looks scary with its hidden doors. 

Big Brother itself is turning on the housemates more than ever before, we’re told. The diary room will apparently no longer be a place of refuge for housemates, but a web of secrets and lies.

Channel 5 have released a new trailer giving us our first look at Emma Willis as the new host, and leading us into a room with a secret direct line to Big Brother itself. Emma’s eyes almost pop at the latest information. What is she being told? What is Big Brother really getting up to this year?

There’s not long left to find out as the latest series starts at the beginning of June.

And find out we certainly will with 27 remote controlled cameras, 12 fixed ones, five manned and 10 infra-red. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a tower cam that will provide sweeping views across the garden and 57 camera mirrors are strategically positioned to make it impossible to hide. Should we do the evil laugh now? Muuuha..ha..ha…no? Too soon. 

As with the recent celeb version of the show, housemates will get a shock the minute they enter the house. Once through the first door, they’ll be met with a huge feature wall containing recycled front doors. What hides behind them? Can they choose a door to go through? The questions are endless (sort of).

There are lots of changes to spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On the Side, too. Recent celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark joins Emma and returning presenter AJ Odudu as one of the hosts. Plus, Rylan gets his own Sunday lunchtime edition of Bit On The Side.


A diverse mix of housemates with a big range of ages are set to join the house. Let’s hope one of them knows their way around a hoe. Garden hoe, obviously.