Andrew Garfield plays basketball with kids while dressed as Spider-Man

Star shoots some hoops in full costume before wandering back onto New York film set

Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield delighted children at a local basketball court in New York’s Chinatown by dropping by to shoot a few hoops dressed as Spider-Man.


The star had no problems ducking and diving around the court in his tight red and blue get up, keeping the mask on for good measure.

Onlookers can be heard trying to figure out if the guy dressed as Spider-Man is indeed the real deal, before gasping as he simply walks back on to what appears to be the movie set. You know, just casually like.

Andrew is meant to be in New York filming the next part of the franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man. So seemingly this could be the real deal. Everyone deserves a lunch break right? Especially after all of that climbing.

Having already shown he’s got the whole being a man-cum-spider thing down, Andrew proved himself to be pretty handy with a basketball, too. The whole sticky spider web thing probably helped.

In fact, Spider-Man could no doubt fling the ball to the other side of Manhattan, but for this moment, a hoop suited him just fine.

Andrew didn’t seem at all fazed by people stopping to record his impromptu turn on the court either. There were literally whoops of joy as he wandered past police back onto the blocked off street, thought to be the set.


Nice one Spidey…