Benedict Cumberbatch deleted shower scene from Star Trek Into Darkness revealed

Had it made the cut, the scene in which Cumberbatch strips off would have helped balanced the controversial Alice Eve shot suggests JJ Abrams

There’s a scene in Star Trek sequel Into Darkness in which British actress Alice Eve is pictured in just her underwear. Many people (including one writer) have suggested it’s rather gratuitous. But while admitting he can “see their point”, director JJ Abrams says the brief shot was intended to illustrate Captain Kirk’s womanising ways, and was balanced by a similar one showing actor Chris Pine topless.


Talking to US chat show host Conan O’Brien, Abrams also revealed that a deleted scene from the movie had featured Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain John Harrison nude in the shower. Cumberbatch fans may be pleased to know that he showed the footage too, and that they can watch it below (strictly in order to analyse whether Abrams’s argument holds water, of course). 


The “shower of evil”, as Abrams describes it, also proves once and for all just how much Cumberbatch must have worked out for his new role – we’re pretty sure Sherlock doesn’t have pecs like those…