Watch a lovely bird dancing

A red-capped Manakin gets his groove on to impress a female feathered-friend in Discovery's North America

Discovery’s new natural history series North America is set to shine a light on the great expanse of wilderness inbetween the continent’s thriving cities and towns, as well as the creatures who call these areas home.


One of which is this perky chap. He’s a red-capped Manakin in case you were wondering and the reason he’s throwing some serious shapes is to attract himself a lady friend. (A trip to the cinema just won’t cut it in the animal kingdom…)

He’s certainly got flair. The ambitious fellow even attempts what looks a bit like a moon walk at one point. And it’s definitely enough to impress us, but sadly it’s all in vain. It seems this groovy little bird’s dance moves just aren’t enough to bag him a girlfriend…

If she doesn’t appreciate your moves she’s not worth it, little fella.


North America starts on Thursday 23 May at 9:00pm on Discovery