Poltergeist remake to film in Toronto

A reboot-cum-sequel to the 1982 horror classic will be shot in Canada this September

Filming on director Gil Kenan’s (Monster House) new take on Steven Spielberg’s classic ‘80s horror Poltergeist will take place in Autumn 2013 in Toronto, Canada.


Plot rumours have also surfaced, suggesting the film will be less a remake and more a sequel set in the same world but rebooting the franchise years after the events of the original. According to bloody-disgusting.com, the new movie will follow protagonist Eric Bowen who loses his job and heads to a new area to start again. However, Bowen’s move goes horribly wrong when his daughter Madison is abducted. In an interesting coincidence we also discover his wife can talk to the dead…

Parapsychologist Dr Brooke Powell, who works at the local university, helps the Bowens in the search for their missing daughter.

The original film was set in California and is about a family whose home comes under attack from supernatural beings who focus their attentions on their young daughter. It was the highest grossing horror film of 1982 and spawned two sequels.


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