Benedict Cumberbatch says ‘live long and prosper’ as Sherlock series 3 filming breaks

Cumberbatch, co-star Martin Freeman and production staff posed for a moody photo as shooting on episode two came to an end

The dedication to logic, the emotional detachment, the cheekbones… Sherlock has always had more than a passing resemblance to a Vulcan. So it seems fitting to see Benedict Cumberbatch giving the alien race’s “Live long and prosper” hand gesture while dressed as the detective (and, of course, it may also owe something to his time spent with Zachary Quinto’s Mr Spock while filming Star Trek sequel Into Darkness).


The shot in question has Cumberbatch’s co-star Martin Freeman referencing the show’s third series with his own pose – flanked by Sherlock director of photography Steve Lawes (who tweeted the pic) and production designer Arwel Wyn Jones – and was taken on the final day before filming on the BBC1 drama takes a summer break.

The first two episodes – The Empty House and The Sign of Three – are now in the can, with shooting on the series three finale due to start later in the year.

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