The Apprentice farm task: Dracula milks a cow and Natalie mistakes one for a horse – sorry, dog

Watch clips of the very promising episode four as the teams go down on the farm and prepare to open pop-up shops...

The Apprentice candidate who mistook a cow for a horse – no, it’s not the latest book by neurologist Oliver Sacks (too high-brow?), it’s simply a description of one of the many actual occurences in what looks like being a particularly entertaining episode of the business-reality show.


This week’s task sees the members of Endeavour and Evolve down on the farm as they gather produce to sell in their pop-up shops. Other notable scenes include Dracula – sorry, Alex – milking a cow and Luisa getting a cob-on about some corn.


Watch all this, plus plenty of boardroom bull, in the video clips below, ahead of the full episode on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1.