See Jennifer Lawrence in a figure-hugging blue bodysuit for X-Men: Days of Future Past

Body paint is out and a bodysuit is in as director tweets picture of Jen as Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence has had her fair share of fashion dramas of late. Her gown seemed to fall apart at the SAG awards, she tripped over her dress at the Oscars, and she almost caught alight at a recent Cannes bash. Yet there’s just no stopping her when it comes to pulling out the fashion stunners. This time she’s gone almost nude (pause for gasps)… yes, pretty much nude.


Big frocks are out and “tight” is definitely in as Jennifer suits up to reprise her role as Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past, in a pic shared by director Bryan Singer via his Twitter page (click on the image should you wish to take  a closer look). The skin-tight blue suit replaces the blue body paint used in the previous film X-Men: First Class. Mystique’s vivid yellow eyes and striking red hair are still very much in place. As is Jennifer’s amazing body, naturally.

Luckily, Jennifer isn’t new to the world of figure-hugging costumes. Pictures from the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire show her character Katniss donning a wetsuit for her second stint in the Capitol’s arena. Jennifer is also in the company of another well-known wearer of skin-tight costumes – Halle Berry, who returns to the X-Men cast as Storm. Maybe they can share baby powder and chafing tips?


Yet, even Halle’s iconic wet-look Catwoman catsuit isn’t as revealing as Jennifer’s latest get-up. It’s a brave woman indeed who takes on the Mystique challenge. Although Jen’s probably pretty chuffed not to have to try to get all that blue body paint off her skin again. That was bound to be harder than simply unzipping a suit. Plus, we bargain Jen ruined a few furnishings sitting around in that painted costume…