Matt Smith and David Tennant video interview: Our Doctors get on quite well

Former Time Lord David Tennant sits down with current Doctor Matt Smith to discuss their roles in the upcoming 50th anniversary

Different Doctors together on screen? It’s a rare treat. And after this Saturday’s series seven finale, which saw current companion Clara travel through time to save every incarnation of the Time Lord, we thought we’d have to wait until 23 November to witness it again…


But now you can watch Doctors ten and eleven – David Tennant and Matt Smith, as if you needed telling – discussing the relationship between their versions, who are both set to appear in the much-anticipated 50th anniversary episode.

“I think it’s quite interesting actually how our Doctor’s seem to get on quite well,” says Smith in the BBC video.

“They bicker a bit but I think they quite enjoy each others very presence,” agrees Tennant, who played the Doctor between 2005 and 2010.

“You gave me good advice,” Smith says of his predecessor. “Advice that I’d pass on. Not advice that I could repeat… But what you did say was that I’d have the most fun ever and, you know what, you were right.”

“The show has a particular place in people’s affections so when you’re the face of it, it’s an usual set of pressures. 89% of which are wonderful, lovely and positive things,” adds Tennant.


Watch the video for yourself below: